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  • Design and development of highly distributed high-performance computational systems featuring high availability, scalability, and reliability
  • Taking technical ownership and driving forward support and development of business-critical pricing platform
  • Liaising with Business-side and IT-side stakeholders in order to agree on requirements, priorities, and roadmaps of deliveries
  • Implementation of systems’ and applications’ extensions according to business and/or IT requirements,
  • Delivering software product of the high quality within usage of best methodologies and code practises
  • Perform data analysis and business flow implementation
  • Distribute the knowledge across the team
  • Working in self-independent mode, as well as part of the team

Candidate will have opportunity to:

  • Work with latest C#/.NET frameworks
  • Implement high performance pricing system, with usage of private cloud
  • Get practical experience and oversight of scalability for high-loaded application
  • Work with modern technologies, such as ReactJS, .NET Core
  • Using best development practices, which will suit project needs, including TDD, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Deliver functionality with often releases
  • Work on a project with high "new features/support tasks" ratio

The Succesful candidate will join Splintercat Dev team and help with further build-out/maintenance/support of the system.

The highly agile tech team designing, developing, and operating new high-performance cloud-native pricing and analytics platform powering primary sales, structuring, secondary market making, and execution of equity derivatives to facilitate cost efficient scale-up of structured products business across CH (Zurich), UK (London), US (New York). On a daily basis, work requires strong sense of ownership and close collaboration with trading floor quants, structuring, trading that can be defined as QuantDevOps engineering culture required to meet fast paced business opportunities and resulting tech requirements. Specifically prospective candidate will start from taking end-to-end tech ownership of strategic cross-regional cloud Platform allowing business users to evaluate and implement new concepts & workflows without involvement of software developers.

Focus: Design and development of highly distributed high-performance computational systems featuring low latency, high availability, scalability, and reliability

  • Tech: C#, .NET, HTTP, sockets, MS SQL
  • Concepts: object-oriented design and dev, design patterns, multithreading, asynchronous, web services
  • Envs: Windows
  • Ops: monitoring tools, metrics gathering, dashboards, log tools, log analysis
  • Test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery/deployment
  • Personal: proactive communicator with practical solution-oriented mindset able to liaise with both business-side and IT-side stakeholders

Luxoft - Leading Central and Eastern European IT Service Provider. Learn more about Luxoft at www.luxoft.com

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