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Job type: Pełny etat, Część etatu

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Nazwa jednostki: Institute of the Americas and Europe, University of Warsaw Warsaw

Nazwa stanowiska: Postdoc


Candidates must show that they are qualified to carry out research tasks outlined in the job description

below. A suitable candidate will have a doctoral degree in Polish studies, including in literature, and a

strong interest in queer theory. They will have published in Polish or in English, and preferably in

both languages.

Candidates must hold a recent doctoral degree conferred not earlier than in 2016, although this

threshold may be moved back in time by periods of documented sick leave or rehabilitation leave

granted on account of being unfit to work for more than 90 days. The threshold may be further moved

back by the number of months of child care leave granted pursuant to the Labour Code or, in the case

of women, by 18 months for every child born or adopted - whichever manner of accounting for

career breaks is preferable. The candidate’s doctoral degree must have been conferred by a university

other than the University of Warsaw, or else the candidate must have been employed as a post-doc for

at least ten months at a university outside Poland other than the University of Warsaw. Anyone for

whom the project principal investigator (dr hab. Tomasz Basiuk, prof. UW) acted as doctoral

supervisor or auxiliary supervisor is ineligible to apply.

Candidates must be fluent in both Polish and English. They must be able to read and write academic

papers in both languages. International experience will be a plus.

Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed.

Opis zadań:

QueerIt: Queer Theory In Transit. Reception, Translation, and Production of Queer Theory in Polish

and German Contexts is a comparative project carried out by a team of seven scholars from the

University of Warsaw, American Studies Center, jointly with a smaller group from Humboldt

University Berlin and with the participation of invited experts from Poland, Germany, Austria,

Switzerland, and Canada. The post-doc position is a full-time position of 33 months; job-related

duties are to be carried out principally at the University of Warsaw. In addition to the research (Work

Package B1 outlined below) and documentation-related tasks (Work Package D outlined below), the

post-doc is expected to attend and help organize biannual project meetings and to co-edit publications

stemming from the project. The post-doc will cooperate with the HUB post-doc, especially on Work

Package D.


Work Package B1: Queer Theory in Polish Studies and Polish Literary Antecedents

WP B1(Postdoc UW)will be based on candidate’s expertise in literary criticism and Polish literary

history allowing a focus on the adoption of queer theory by Polish literature scholars. Emphasis will be

on how queer criticism has been marked by an intersectional approach that includes, among others,

feminist perspectives (Iwasiów 2002; Filipiak 2006) and a revisioning of national and ethnic, as well as

gender and sexual identifications (Krasuska 2012; Warkocki 2007; 2018). Such discursive loci function

as productive spaces in which Anglophone, French, and German (also Austrian and Swiss) queer theory

is critically assessed and local theory gets written in dialogue with these influences. The methodologies

used may reflect the discursive strengths and limitations of subdisciplines through which these

dialogues occur; for example, psychoanalysis has been emphasized in the reception of French feminist

theory (Kitliński 2001; Araszkiewicz 2003; Kłosińska 2010), social constructivism in the reception of

some US-based queer theorists, and economic considerations in the reception of some German theorists

(Majewska 2018). Critics and literary historians have been considering works in the Polish literary

canon not just in light of queer concepts but also as prefiguring subsequent theoretical elaborations.

Identifying and interpreting literary antecedents, for example, among the Modernists, has been a crucial

endeavor of queer theory (Kaliściak 2016, Sobolczyk 2015a and 2015b). Another has been the

revisioning of earlier queer readings in light of developments in queer theory, for example, the poet

Maria Komornicka/Piotr Odmieniec Włast has been recast as transgender rather than lesbian (Krasuska

2012; Filipiak 2006).

Deliverables: two to three articles or book chapters (in a monograph or a collected volume)

This documentation part of our project encompasses the designing and running of a project website as

well as the preparing and processing of our materials and findings for long-term storage in a repository.

These tasks will predominantly be the responsibility of the postdoctoral researcher at HUBversed in

the digital humanities. The material on which our project is based as well as the outcomes of our

research will be visualized in an interactive website that will be developed and successively adapted

alongside the overall project to communicate research results into society. The website will be hosted

at HUB, but will be jointly managed and maintained by the HUB and the UW postdocs. All data,

project-specific metadata, and documentation will be collected, administered, and stored within the

’Media-Repository’ of HUB. As an institutional storage service of the university, regular and automatic

nightly backups with at least four copies at two locations in Berlin are ensured. Long-term access and

storage are guaranteed for at least ten years. The Media-Repository offers flexible access rights to enable

open access (with DOI allocation) as well as restricted or closed access for materials with sensitive

information. Therewith it complies with policies like the HUB research data management policy and

the DFG code of conduct for good scientific practice.

Typ konkursu NCN: Opus Lap / Weave

Termin składania ofert: 5 May 2023, 15:00

Forma składania ofert: email

Warunki zatrudnienia:

Job type (employment contract/stipend): Post-doc

Part-time/full-time: Full time

This position is offered for 33 months (July 2023 – March 2026).

Position starts on: 3 July 2023

Remuneration/stipend amount/month: ca. 7500 PLN gross (before tax and other payments) per month.

A cache of funds for travel to project meetings other than in Warsaw, conference participation, and

literature purchase is available.

Dodatkowe informacje:

Please direct your application (cover letter), curriculum vitae, publication samples in English and in

Polish, your doctoral diploma (certificate), your doctoral dissertation, names of at least two

references, and any other pertinent documents, such as any other certificates and letters of

recommendation (optional) to the email addresses of selection committee members: dr hab. Tomasz

Basiuk, prof. UW (, dr hab. Karolina Krasuska (,

and dr Anna Kurowicka (

Please also download, fill in, sign and return to us by email your personal data protection statement

using a form available here: (Select: “For the person

applying for employment,” then select: “Information on personal data processing” to download the


Project title: QueerIt: Queer Theory In Transit. Reception, Translation, and Production of Queer

Theory in Polish and German Contexts

Project leader: dr hab. Tomasz Basiuk, prof. UW

Program: OPUS LAP / Weave

Data dodania ogłoszenia: 14 April 2023

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Deadline: 08-07-2023

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